Seams of Value

by Honey and Salt

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released April 14, 2016

On "Seams of Value," Honey and Salt is:

Wade Allen: Vocals, Guitar
Austin Sears: Bass, Vocals
Daniel Mee: Drums, Vocals

Lyrics by Wade Allen

Engineered and mixed by Ian Rundell (December 2015).

Produced by Honey and Salt and Ian Rundell.

Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio (Hudson Valley, New York).

Album photography by Andree Michelle
Album design by Anton William Blake



all rights reserved


Honey and Salt Austin, Texas

We're an indie rock band from Austin, Tx. Woo!

Wade Allen
Austin Sears
Benjamin Sams

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Track Name: Helium
Let’s be practical, for the sake of childish scrawl

Remember that thread, watch the heads, wanted us to stay down

Go back down, tired of them all
It's a problem, we'll stipulate

Wanted the piece of--the delicate thread
Succinct fabrics--the ideal crevices

Rip the parachutes, soft signals
Buoyant envelope, we’ll stay afloat

Treat it as a project
Conceive it, not an object
Take time, we’ll start it
Hold on, to this fabric

Go back down, tired of them all
It's improbable, tired of them all
Track Name: Habits Are All That's Left
For all we know it is, skeptical of future tense
and that’s where knowledge resides, between the habits, you’re lost in time

Future states, don’t have hope,
my past today, the sequence is broke

Form habitual ties, I need to survive
I won’t give up hope, let’s we are right

This pathway is not a determined line
No knowledge of our path this time
Constant conjoin along the dotted line

Cut the slices of the present tense
Habits, all that’s left, a temporal mess
Seams of value are projected there
Habits, all that’s left, a temporal mess
Track Name: Dress Shirts
My values are seamless and targeted
Our paths will cross, my aims, disregarded

My goals are misplaced and will conflict,
between my corduroy pants that mend
wrinkled ties that keep me up late at night

My dress shirts will hold me up, and stay driven
to what has value for us.
They are worn out and used too much,
still attached to the meaning, these are not my inferences,
this has value for us,
they are worn out and used too much.

Seamless trace, wayward and targeted
for our lack of ways, desires, delicate
Track Name: Pastures
The shame I feel,
Ignorant, lost and numb, conflicted
Culture of brutality, the state of liberty

Educate biblically, participants, prosperity
The pride I feel, has lost its mark
I'll wallow in the dark

The pasture has been sucked dry of nutrients
Fixate on the depth, violent
Juxtapose, it's comforting, I'm anxious
I’ll stipulate, I’m skeptical, it’s vacuous

Sit down for the pain,
Let the pride win again

The pasture is luscious for some of us
Educate the masses, it's dubious
Juxtapose, it's comforting, I'm anxious
I’ll stipulate, I’m skeptical, it’s vacuous
Track Name: Identity
I’m built for it, interwoven, laces on and still I’m holding [on]

I’ll finally decide, context driven, intermingle, and still I’m holding [on]

Between societies and train myself to sleep
And then the context begins, it’s owed, it’s owed to me

Obligate and wait, a sojourn

Futile attempts to wait, to wait and see
I’m burned, I’m burned beneath the haze, it’s owed to me

[The] context depends, it’s thankless
Obligate and wait, a sojourn

Obligate and wait, a sojourn

A forced needle are meant to fade and wither away

Value-laden, precarious, I’m broken
Track Name: Broken Evidence
Questioning oneself,
Leads to reflective . . . bend,
In which one hides confidence,
Bend to exchange the foundations.

Broken evidence is all that’s left
I can mend this bridge, you want to destroy it
Complement and make amends

Constructed from previous mistakes
And finding solace in all that is,
In which one hides confidence,
Bend to exchange the foundations.

I’m a spectator, self-aware of my own weaknesses
Deliberate and choose which self is already chosen
Track Name: Creationist
Protect creation, background myths
Fine-tuned for life, creationist

Desire functional aims, impose and stipulate

Sufficient background, it's impotent
There's altruism, beneficent

Send the fury and fire, I won't be there
For forgiveness.
Strike down the imposition, it seems fair to
Want contrition

Justified ends, for fine-tuning
Track Name: Intuition Pump
Deflect and ignore them,
The details are within
Designed to cause actions,
Patterns are within

Gut reactions,
Constructed to fail
My intuition bleeds,
It fires thin, I’ll trust them when,
They have solidity

Hold firm, intuition
Reshape, recognition
I’ll hold off the patterns

Transcend the argument
It’s so obvious
I’ll hold off the patterns

Disposition, marred by
Actual scars, it’s pantomime
Tempted to seek solace
Evolution, determined

I can’t trust them, you would want to believe,
Carving nature at its joints
It fires thin, I’ll trust them when,
They have solidity
Track Name: I'm Eating Bamboo
Depart from the red, specialize your skill set. We are not endangered, we’ll be all that’s left.

Climb these tree tops, designed to be specialized, we are functional machines. It’s our choice, to be caged.

These are sound judgments, as to why I did what I did. My neurotic states in so many, prima facie dictate.

This is not a self-effacing gesture, but a prolonged puncture. Who wants this anyway? Tactless gestures, sarcastic remarks. Tired of my designed state.
Track Name: View From Nowhere
Objective view falls away,
It's diligent and safe.

Let's mark reality,
Let's play our foolish games.

The view from nowhere, is absent of quality
It’s constructed, piece by piece it lays

Let’s say, a domain
Let’s say, we’ll stipulate
Let’s say, eyes are glued
Point of view, is nowhere in you

Crisis in our thoughts
Sure marker of what?
Privacy is lit
To nowhere

Objective view, away
It's safe and true, away

I'm desperate, and longing for this trick
The conflict between the subjective

The view from nowhere
I can't see it anymore and it's gone away
Track Name: Feed Them Common Sense
Pass the time, with nothing. How will they survive? Vacuous.

Hoot and holler out there, facade of. What’s the argument? It’s there, it’s shot. So drive your students, misfire. Feem them common sense and worship.

Nothing, you’ve wasted their time, empty.

Blindly accept, truth for the willing and branded. Your so-called faith in capital justice. Proclaim your principles backed by glass houses. Throw your stones at the rational.

Come out and explain your defense. Cling to your guts, your feelings are sacred. Intuitions cannot be questioned. The louder you scream, you’ll win by default. Settle up to your favorite feeling.